Green Tea Lemonade

One of my favorite things to drink recently is Green Tea Lemonade.

You’ve probably heard of all the benefits that are to be had from drinking Green Tea.  Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of hot drinks, and the taste of plain old Green Tea was not appealing to me even cold.

Thanks to my sister, I learned a way to make low-calorie, great tasting tea that has all the metabolism boosting, cancer-preventing, fat-burning, antioxidant-filled benefits of green tea (as well as the benefits from adding lemon to your water, which include adding calcium, Vitamin C, and magnesium to the drink).

Since I wanted a healthy drink, adding sugar as a sweetener wasn’t a real option.  I’ve always shied away from using fake sweeteners, which can be cancer causing, but recently I learned about Stevia which is NATURAL and calorie free, and so I use that to sweeten this tea.  (Click here to learn a little more about Stevia)

Ingredients(makes 2 qts tea):

2 qts water, divided

11 Green Tea bags

1/2 cup lemon juice

14 packets Stevia


Bring 1 quart cold water to a rolling boil

Pour over teabags, steep 5 minutes.

Remove tea bags, stir in lemon juice and Stevia.

Stir in 1 qt cold water

Chill in refrigerator.