Avocado Chicken Salad

Look familiar?  That’s because today’s lunch was a spin-off from the Avocado Salsa that I made to go with dinner on Monday night.

I still had an avocado left that was calling my name so  last night I mixed up another batch of the salsa but only used half an avocado and added in half a large can of all white-meat chicken.  I also mashed the avocado much more than I had when I made the salsa

I loved this spin on chicken salad, and even more I loved that it wasn’t made with mayo!   I filled a Joseph’s Flax Pita with the salad and had a plum on the side (only for plums at my grocery store this week, whaaat!).

Avocados make such a great addition to any meal with all of the healthy fats.  There isn’t much that is unhealthy about this lunch.

I’ve been spending most of my lunch break on Pinterest looking at the Food section and drooling over some ridiculous looking desserts… I might have to make one of them tonight when I get home…. we’ll see how strong my resistance to temptation is.

OK, back to work now,  maybe it has something to do with my healthy avocado-lunch but I’m feeling productive!